Monday, April 9, 2018

  1. My topic was the Start Of The Civil War: Where Conflict Made It So Much Harder To Compromise and I did an individual website.
  2. Yes, because I know I could have made parts of my projects better.
  3. The most interesting thing I learned about my project was that if they would have even tried to compromise they might not had to have the Civil War.
  4. I think the hardest part of the projects was starting off. Like what my project is gonna look like what website will I start at first how I am gonna do this hoe I am going to do that.
  5. I learned that you're going to have to work outside of class on this project and put in as much effort as you can and just try.
  6. By trying more working outside of class and publishing my project after I am done.
  7. I am most proud of learning from this experience because I was actually challenged and it was hard but I got through it and it was all okay.
  8. Suggestions: put time and effort into it work your hardest and have fun doing this.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Word

So I chose effort as my word because I feel like I never put effort into a lot of things I really just didn't care about which is not right. I think if you never put effort into things you might never know what you could be really good at and what could lead to success in life. So I say every one should put effort in to everything even things they don't like because they might find something there really amazing at that can take the a long way in life. So I think you should put effort into everything.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State Reflection

      My first class was about business. I learned what your prototype looks like is what all the other thing you make should look like. You could only make your prototype in 5 minutes. We made our own pizza place and we had to make pizzas out of play dough without using our hands we could only use silverware. But we also had to buy all our ingredients and do what you would have to do in a real business. And to make profit you had to make as much pizzas you can to look like your prototype in 10 minutes.
     My second class was about Prisoners dilemma. I learned about if two people got caught and they were gonna be in jail and what were all the possibility's of the confessing on another not talk or some one is talking and the other one doesn't talk. and how much time they will be in jail if those things did happen. We really just did a lot of thinking and we played this card game and we also did this thing that are teacher guaranteed that out of the 20 students that one of them had the same birthday and guess what someone did have the same birthday.
     I thought the most educational part of my day was learning about the business stuff and hoe it all worked out.
     I learned that Iowa State University has a really good arts program.
     The most fun part of my day was going to each lunch and seeing how big the cafeteria was and it was and all you can eat buffet it was really cool.
     My advice on how to improve my experience. Is to not be so shy at the beginning  and just to have fun.
     I thought we did this for once in a lifetime experience and to see if we liked this so that the kids ages be lower can do this like next year. I got a lot from my experience like how to run your own business.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


1 My topic was Lung Cancer. 2 I choose this topic because my grandpa just recently had lung cancer but he did survived and since he had lung cancer i just wanted to learn more about it. 3 Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths throughout the world. 4 Lung cancer was first found in the 19th century.  5 I want to learn more about the different types of lung cancer. 6I presented my project with a google slide. 7 What makes me proud is that I found a really interesting video. 8 I would maybe next time choose a different way to present.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA quarter post

My first DWA is from 10-12-17

     I think the worst pet imaginable would be a snake. I think there really slimy and gross. I couldn't even imagine them getting out of their cage when there sleeping and like slither all around you and maybe even choke you to death or even go in your mouth when your sleeping. I think its is just messed up and i hate snakes. That's why I think there the worst pet ever.

My second DWA is from 9-8-17

     I think "Talk less do more" means, don't be talking to hear yourself  talk. Be talking about the conversation or to help someone, talk about what your doing, don't talk about something that no one cares about.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

words of wisdom

I learned that You can always ask the people around you for advice to help you out with something.
I also learned to never give up and to always keep going and thing are gonna be tuff in life but just push through.